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Vagif Mustafa Zadeh "LIVE"

Vagif Mustafa-Zadeh - jazz Composer and Pianist, is among those rare musicians who could play and perform in any manner. Vagif attracts listeners by his originality, superb technique and harmonies all his own. Besides writing a number of his own jazz compositions and arrangements , Mustafa-Zadeh composed Concert for Piano and Orchestra being a great success. At the International Jazz Compositions Competition in Monaco 1978 V. Mustafa-Zadeh won the First Prize for the piece "Expecting Aziza".


"Vagif Mustafa-Zadeh was a great Genie but I think he was born before his time. Vagif's Music is from mother planet... It's the Music from the future".


"Mr. Zadeh an extraordinary Pianist. It is impossible to identify his equal. He is the most lyrical Pianist I have ever known."


"Vagif's Music is wonderfully modern... It's like a tale narrated by Sheherezadeh on the 1002 Night..."

With Willis Conover, VOA Jazz Hour, Tallinn, 1967.

"Vagif Mustafa-Zadeh is one of the finest Pianists in the world".

David Baker - President of IAJE

...Somethings are very strange in life. My Father died just before of my 10th birthday. It was 1979. What's really strange is how many of our Family dates are linked so closely together. My Mother was born on December 17, and my birthday is on 19th. Father died on 16th and was buried on the 18th. So all those dates - 16, 17, 18, 19 - are such a mixture of joy and sadness for us and such a philosophical paradox - life and death juxtaposed upon each other like that.

Actually, I don't really believe in death. I think it's only a biological phenomenon, not spiritual. For me, my Father has never died. He simply has left this Earth. I steel feel his energy surrounding me. Sometimes, it's like his soul is flying around me, you know. The are times when I give concerts that I feel his presence so strongly, it's almost tangible. It's like I could reach out and touch him. Sometimes, I feel it in everyday situations, too.

People are often curious about the circumstances surrounding my Father's passing. Just before his last tour, a big mirror in the bathroom fell off and broke. It was a sign... I cried so hard and begged him "Don't go on this trip." Of course, I couldn't understand exactly what was going to happen to him... The last time I spoke with my Father on the telephone was December 15th, and I pleaded: "When will you come? I want to see you tomorrow." He told me: " No, it's not possible, I have a concert.

But, my darling, don't worry, I'll be back, and we'll be together for Mother's birthday." But it never happened...               It seems he hadn't been feeling well, and doctors cautioned him not to play. But he insisted: "I must play." And he gave a superb concert, the last one... almost losing consciousness at the end of the concert ... 

It was a special Muslim religious day there - the day of Ashura Hussein, when men march in the streets and beat themselves in commemoration of the death of Hussein, the third Shiite Imam. Music is not traditionally performed on that day. Why was Father's concert scheduled on that day ?...

My Father used to receive so many invitations to participate in a different International festivals, such us Newport Jazz(US). But it was forbidden... Once he was returned from Airplane, just few minutes before take off, to keep him from going abroad... There were many situations like that.  Unforgivable!